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Rudi Neumayr, born in Austria in 1943, began his woodworking career in 1957, as a 14-year-old apprentice in Austria. After receiving his Master License in the trade he went on to work in a prominent woodworking shop in Salzburg, Austria. The shop specialized in reproductions of antique furniture, furthering his training and skill in the trade.

1966 - Neumayr started his own workshop in Austria, specializing in Baroque and Renaissance style furniture. In this period, he also built his own house in the Alps.

1975 - Neumayr moved to New Brunswick, Canada after being contracted to build a cottage at a lake deep in the Canadian Forests.

1979 – Neumayr moved to Vail, Colorado to open a workshop for high end custom woodworking. His company “Aren Design Inc.” specializes in traditional and contemporary woodwork, largely serving the local area, but also providing woodwork for homes nationwide.

Opportunities opened up for him and Aren Design to design and build several large homes for clients in the resort areas of Beaver Creek and Mountain Star, Colorado. Neumayr designed and built his personal home alongside the Eagle River which recently sold in 2019.

Rudi Neumayr still enjoys the trade with a loyal workforce at Aren Design to this day in 2023, and also finds time for hobby painting and his interest in filmmaking.